Northern Virginia Boxed Lunch Catering

Why Is Northern Virginia Boxed Lunch Catering The Best Option For Your Next Corporate Meeting

When it comes to feeding a large group of people in a professional setting, Northern Virginia Boxed Lunch Catering is the ideal solution. With their delicious and nutritious meals, they provide an easy and convenient way to ensure everyone at your corporate meeting stays fed and energized throughout the day. Not only will you be able to satisfy your guests’ hunger with healthy food options that are sure to please, but you can also save time on meal planning thanks to their pre-made boxed lunches which come ready for delivery or pick up. Plus, all of their meals are made fresh using locally sourced ingredients, so you can trust that what's being served is both high quality and tasty.

What Exactly Is Boxed Lunch Catering

This is a convenient and cost-effective catering solution for events of all sizes. It's the perfect way to provide tasty and nutritious meals for guests, without the hassle of having to prepare food onsite. Boxed Lunch Catering is ideal for corporate events, parties, picnics, family gatherings, team-building events, team meetings, and more.

The beauty of boxed lunch catering is that it allows you to provide quality food in a timely manner while still giving your guests choices in what they eat. Additionally, because boxed lunches come individually packaged they are ideal when serving large crowds with varying dietary needs. Caterers are often able to accommodate vegetarian diets as well as gluten-free diets so everyone can enjoy their meals no matter what restrictions they have.

Not only is boxed lunch catering convenient and cost-effective, but it also eliminates mess and waste since there are no plates or utensils involved. And let’s not forget about how great it looks. A carefully arranged spread of beautifully packaged meals always creates an impressive presentation no matter how large or small the crowd may be.

Types Of Typical Dishes Included In A Northern Virginia Boxed Lunch Catering

When it comes to Northern Virginia boxed lunch catering, there are a variety of typical dishes that can be included. These dishes typically consist of the following:


Turkey and cheese, ham and Swiss, BLTs, wraps, and Italian subs are popular sandwich choices for boxed lunch catering.


Macaroni salad, potato salad, pasta salad, and caesar salads are common options.

Side Dishes

Chips, pretzels, vegetables with dip or hummus, crackers with cheese, and fruit slices are typically included in boxed lunches.


Bottled water or soda cans/bottles are often provided to complete the meal.


Cookies or brownies usually accompany a catered boxed lunch as well. Each of these dishes can be customized to meet any dietary restrictions that may be present, ensuring everyone can enjoy the meal.

The Benefits Of Northern Virginia Boxed Lunch Catering For Your Corporate Meeting

Organizing a corporate meeting can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the right food to feed everyone who’s attending. Fortunately, boxed lunch catering in Northern Virginia offers an excellent solution to this problem. Here are just some of the benefits of using Northern Virginia boxed lunch catering for your next corporate gathering:

  • Convenience: Northern Virginia boxed lunch catering is an incredibly convenient option for feeding large groups of people. All you have to do is order the food online or through a local caterer and have it delivered directly to your event. Your attendees will then have the convenience of being able to grab their meal and eat it on the go without having to worry about lining up in a cafeteria or waiting around for their food to arrive.
  • Cost Effective: Boxed lunches are also very cost-effective compared to other forms of catering. They require fewer labor costs as there’s no need for chefs or wait-for staff, they don’t require any expensive tableware, and they can be ordered in bulk at discounted prices from your caterer.
  • Variety: Most Northern Virginia caterers offer a wide variety of delicious menu options when it comes to boxed lunches so you can easily find something that everyone will enjoy eating. From delicious sandwiches and wraps to flavorful salads, savory soups, and hearty sides - there is something for every palate.
  • Healthy Options: Providing healthy options is key when it comes to keeping employees energized throughout the day and with Northern Virginia boxed lunch catering you can easily choose from many nutritious meal choices such as protein-filled sandwiches, fresh salads topped with grilled chicken or fish, hearty soups made with all-natural ingredients, whole grain wrap filled with vegetables and lean proteins, the possibilities are endless.
  • Customization Options: Most caterers offer customization options so that you can make sure each box contains exactly what each attendee wants - allowing them to pick out whatever items suit their dietary needs or preferences making it easy for everyone at the meeting to have exactly what they want without having someone else guess what they might like best. You can also choose between cold items such as salads and sandwiches or hot entrees like pasta dishes or burritos depending on how much time you want people to spend on their meals during your event.

Costs Of A Quality Northern Virginia Boxed Lunch Catering

When it comes to catering a corporate meeting or event in Northern Virginia, the cost of boxed lunch catering can vary significantly depending on the venue, menu selection, and the number of guests. On average, a quality boxed lunch catering service will generally range from $10-$25 per person. This price includes delivery, food preparation and set up, paper goods and utensils, as well as the staff who are on hand to assist with serving and cleaning up. Some caterers may offer additional options such as salads, fruit plates, or other dessert options for an extra charge. It is important to ask about all the possible options when looking for a boxed lunch caterer in Northern Virginia.

Another factor to consider when budgeting for boxed lunch catering is how many guests will be attending the event. Most caterers have minimum order requirements that must be met in order to provide service at an affordable price point. For example, some caterers may require a minimum of 25 guests per order while others may not have any minimum orders at all. Additionally, larger orders often qualify for discounts which can save time and money when ordering multiple boxes in bulk. Finally, make sure that their delivery service is reliable by asking how far they are willing to travel and what their time frame is like so you don’t end up having late arrivals or incomplete orders on the day of your event.

Contact A Northern Virginia Boxed Lunch Catering For Your Next Corporate Meeting

Northern Virginia boxed lunch catering offers great variety in its meal options, and NoVa Best Box Lunch Catering will provide you with a delicious and fresh meal for your corporate meeting. They offer custom-tailored plans to meet all of your needs, whether it is a small gathering or a large group event. Your guests will be delighted by the variety and quality of their offerings. Their experienced chefs create meals that people talk about long after their event has ended.

They use only the freshest ingredients, which are locally sourced whenever possible, to ensure maximum flavor and nutritional value in every dish they prepare. In addition to traditional boxed lunch catering menus, they also provide vegan options and gluten-free alternatives so everyone can enjoy their meal without worry or guilt. They have a long history of preparing mouthwatering dishes that are sure to impress any crowd. Contact them today to learn more about their services and how they can help you make your event a success.